How Goken assisted an Aerospace OEM in standardizing their current processes
Written By : Goken America

When working in an environment that is fast-paced and riddled with disparate processes, productivity often suffers due to rework. A lack of organizational processes and work methods can quickly snowball into the organization not being able to release products on time or even diversify when needed.

Goken tackled this very problem when approached by a North American Business Jet Manufacturer. Their current design process was labor-intensive and inconsistent due to the lack of design standards. This resulted in rework & an unstable design change process, overworked associates with hardly any bandwidth available to fix these issues.

Goken was tasked with studying the current systems in the organization and propose effective work methods and solutions based on what was prevalent in the rest of the industry and what works for the client’s current systems.

Goken leveraged the Model-Based Definition (MBD) system to maximize efficiency and compressed schedule by automation and upfront engineering.

With a team comprised of aerospace industry experts, R&D engineers, and PLM experts, Goken targeted fourteen different engineering and manufacturing areas that needed to be addressed. The Goken team worked with senior engineers from both Engineering and Manufacturing departments to capture key skills, current workflow, the desired workflow, and the product development cycle.

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