Goken is an engineering & technology service provider fueled by exceptional talent. We partner with clients to solve problems, accelerate development cycles, and build better products. Together we uncover the root workforce issues of capacity, efficiency & competitiveness, giving our clients the gift of time. This time provides the space to imagine future innovations and shape trends.

In 2015 Goken further cemented its presence in Dublin, Ohio. Our 17,000-square-foot headquarters underwent a complete rehaul to house Goken's Technology Center (GTC). The building has five dedicated workspaces that accommodate up to 130 cubicles, several offices, and meeting rooms. The Goken Tech Center is an open floor plan housing a diverse and talented group of engineers, technical specialists, and administrative support. The Tech Center is a secure facility that enables staff to conduct sensitive work for our clients. ​​​
about goken america
about goken america
about goken america
about goken america


Goken is a global company with the ability to leverage our talented global workforce to meet our clients needs.


Goken America was launched in 2004. Since then we have expanded our global presence by expanding to Japan (Goken NIHON , 2006), and India (Goken India, 2019).


Goken Nihon provides design and development support for various automotive components, electric vehicles, and Japan-U.S. Technical Consulting.

Photo of Map which shows the global presence of Goken
Founder of Goken America, Doug Smith

Doug Smith


Founder of Goken America, Doug Smith
Founder's Note
In 2004, we created Goken America with a mission to provide the best talent and services to all of our clients while at the same time providing an unparalleled experience.  The notion was to provide a different experience for our clients, our associates, and for our communities and society in general.

For the last sixteen years, we have been “creating something different…”  Now it’s “Time to Innovate.”  To me, our new tagline, “Time to Innovate” hit the nail on the head.  It shows how Goken has evolved from being a nimble provider of engineering and staffing solutions to a company that now focuses on delivering a wide variety of solutions with high productivity. As we move forward, we continue to focus on leveraging our talent and years of experience to innovate our own internal solutions while providing our clients the time to shape future trends... The Time To Innovate.

Goken’s leadership recognized the shortcomings of an outdated logo, website, and a lacking vocalization of who Goken is. We wanted to refresh our look, create a strong image around who we really are, and create a brand that will help us expand our reach and evolve into a global multi-industry competitor. In the last couple of years, Goken has invested in building and expanding our tech center capabilities to deliver both automotive   and non-automotive projects.

In 2020 alone we supported multiple medical companies on various projects. One company manufactures ultra-low temperature freezers. These freezers are on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19 transporting and storing new and future vaccines. We are also working with a med-tech startup to take over the entire product development of a patient mobility system. This high-tech device functions as a hospital bed, wheelchair, and patient transfer system all working on an electric drive train. Prototypes of this product will be produced midway through 2021. These are just a few examples of the doors that I believe this new brand and our associates will continue to open for Goken in the years to come. We have come a long way from the company we were back in 2004 and I strongly believe that together we will continue to grow and prosper.

Our Leadership