Engineering Design

Challenges faced by companies building products today are in stark contrast to the ones faced just two decades ago. Competition is fierce, regulations are stringent, and customers are demanding. There is a constant need for upgrades, while the development periods are shrinking. Evolving customer preferences are pushing product companies to make frequent changes.

Goken | Engineer Design Capabilities

Goken Way Of Product Development

Our philosophy, called the Goken Way, has evolved to meet today's design challenges. “Goken Way is a scalable and repeatable process to build high performing teams that can be productive on Day ONE”. This reduces the burden on our customer's management to provide On the Job Training.

End to End Support

Goken's experience in engineering design spans the entire cycle right from - Initial Concept to Production Launch. Our core expertise includes designing Body, Chassis, and Interior systems. Engineers at Goken have worked with part designs, sub-system designs, and system designs for numerous leading companies. Our design methodology revolves around the client's design standards and guidelines. Goken’s design team is well supported by a cross-functional team with expertise in Purchasing, Testing, Reliability, Simulations, and Language Services. Our project management capabilities help us exceed quality, lower cost, and delivery on time.

Goken America
Goken America

How We Deliver

Goken provides access to a larger talent pool of candidates and reduces the time to fill.

Technical Capabilities



Development of Automotive interiors & exterior, Aerospace & Powersports structures, Medical & Industrial equipment


Mechanical Systems​

Development of Chassis systems for Automotive, Powersports and Medical equipment


Advanced Technologies

Evaluation of new technology for light-weighting of automotive components



Plastic injection and sheet metal forming tool design. Jig and fixture design for the assembly process


Additive Manufacturing​

Design and layout development of additive manufacturing parts and fixtures using Materialise Magics software


Industrial Design

Development of Class-A surfaces from scan data, feasibility study of industrial designs​