TRAINING for Product Design and Manufacturing

Our decades of experience in Product design and manufacturing has shown that effective training on CAD and PLM applications is a critical factor to success. Goken America offers training classes to product design and manufacturing engineers primarily focused on Catia V5, 3DEXperience Catia, Enovia and Delmia applications. ​

Goken training classes are skills-focused, results driven and customizable, with an intent to eliminate months of on-the-job training. Whether onboarding new talent, upskilling existing associates, or setting up an associate development program, our method is the quickest path to a productive and effective workforce. ​

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Classroom/Virtual Training

Our trainings can be delivered through in-person classes or through virtual sessions. Attendees have the option to use their own or use Goken provided licenses.

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Use of real world examples and training exercises

Goken uses real world training excersises for plastic and sheetmetal parts, to ensure concepts learnt in training can be applied to their day to day design tasks.

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Focus on design for assembly and design for manufacturing

Goken training is delivered by product development engineers and with a focus of working on designing parts while taking manufacturing and assembly into consideration.

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Skills matrix and detailed assessment provided

After training, Goken can provide a detailed skills assessment and feedback that highlight the associate's areas of strengths and weaknesses.



Goken's Training Courses

Engineering Experience

For more than a decade, Goken has been a part of the Automotive Industry. We have trained hundreds of engineers to be successful and our training program bridges the divide between academic knowledge and practical application.

Product Design Focused

We teach key concepts of product design in our training. For example- How to countermeasure sink marks on a plastic part, how to create parametric doghouses, how to create a reinforcement bracket that meets strength and weight criteria.


We customize our training curriculum and material to match your needs. From our training plan to the schedule, everything is shaped exactly to your desired outcome along with the trainee's background.

Skills Oriented

At the end of training we provide you an assessment of the trainee, their strengths, areas of struggle and a skill matrix that shows how the trainee performed on the various topics we trained on.

Customized Training Solutions

Goken's Training ProcessGoken's Training Process
Goken's Training ProcessGoken's Training Process
Goken's Training ProcessGoken's Training Process
Goken's Training ProcessGoken's Training Process
Goken's Training ProcessGoken's Training Process
Goken's Training CoursesGoken's Training Courses

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Employees are your biggest expense and your most important asset. Upskilling your employees helps improve overall efficiency and output of your organization.