Korean Automotive Tier 1 Supplier leverages Goken's Deep knowledge of Automotive plastics to deliver faster results for global OEM

Aerospace engineering team analyzing a jet engine part in a high-tech laboratory setting.

Global product development is a growing trend as businesses realize the benefits of this approach. In recent years, especially since the pandemic, automotive OEMs have realized they can slash costs by partnering with an offshore company while still having access to experts through their global pool of resources. This case study represents such a global team with Goken engineers in India working closely with engineers from Korea and supporting development for a Japanese OEM.


Our client from South Korea, a Tier 1 supplier, faced an issue of lack of engineering resources in a niche automotive domain. The delivery timeline was short, and the existing team was working overtime to meet the tight deadlines. The Korean team requested Goken India to put together a team of 5 engineers in multidisciplinary domain.


Goken quickly put together a team by onboarding existing engineers and hiring additional engineers to ensure the right mix of resources. The project needed lead engineers who have the ability to gather client requirements, conceptualize solutions and delegate tasks to the engineering team. The Goken team is comprised of experienced design engineers in interior and exterior plastic domain with hands on knowledge of using NX CAD software. The team worked closely with the South Korean Supplier for the development of instrument panel and other parts for an upcoming passenger (EV) electrical vehicle during V0 stage. Goken India team worked on developing master sections, estimating feasibility of design proposed by the client, while providing high level cost calculations in the first week of the project. Later the team provided 3D model concepts needed for development of components while also considering the tooling feasibility.

Goken India team strategically set a six-month milestone and meticulously dissected it into weekly targets, to enable milestone tracking and timely delivery of the results. Our team alleviated several concerns of the client and also bolstered their confidence by adhering to a rigorous quality assurance process. Goken India team developed a design methodology tailored to adapt quickly to various OEMs' specific requirements and deliver milestone-specific targets with high accuracy.

The team went above and beyond, with engineers available round the clock, including weekends, to meet project deadlines. Project management ensured high data quality, optimized work distribution within Goken ultimately contributing to the project's success.

Unique Technical Solution

Client challenged us to solve a unique problem related to packaging of Knee Airbag. The current positioning of the two components was such that there was a risk of their premature deployment even before the Knee Airbag, thereby injuring the driver. Goken India team came up with an innovative redesign and assembly process that helped to avoid the premature deployment.

The team conducted a benchmark analysis to identify reusable components for integration into the new design. This strategic process not only reduced the client's tooling costs but also minimized expenses associated with testing, designing, procuring, and manufacturing new parts. Moreover, we assisted in repackaging these reusable components into a novel, aesthetically pleasing design.

Communication across global teams is a key success factor for product development projects. Goken India team ensured that there was no gap in communication by bringing a Korean translator / interpreter in the project team. The translator regularly participated in meetings for interpretation support and helped in timely translation of documents. This language support played a crucial role in fostering seamless communication, eliminating barriers, and enhancing interaction speed, leading to more efficient outcomes.

Goken's engineers didn't just address the client's engineering challenges; they proposed innovative solutions focused on improving manufacturability and reducing product costs.


Goken's agile and proactive approach not only met the immediate challenges faced by the client but also positioned them as a reliable and innovative engineering services partner. Clients often reach out to Goken for their ability to provide unique solutions which are specifically tailored for our clients. Goken’s 20+ years of experience working with automotive OEM’s enables us in solving complex engineering problems, overcoming resource shortages swiftly, meeting tight schedules, and ultimately ensuring the success of the client's project.