Goken partnered with OEM to bring Side by Side ATV in record time to market

Written By : Goken America
Goken partnered with OEM to bring Side by Side ATV in record time to market


A Powersports OEM wanted to increase market share and expand their product line-up by adding a lower cost side-by-side ATV. The client had limited manpower and numerous projects in development. They approached Goken for staff augmentation support to assist the new product development that required a new body design and increased towing capacity to be delivered for evaluation within 10 months.


Goken worked with the OEM to put together an 18-member team that consisted of Goken Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for various areas of the vehicles such as Chassis, Frame, Plastics, and Accessories. Each SME worked with their own team of resources to develop and design their respective parts and products. SMEs led design reviews with the OEM and interfaced with various groups to ensure product delivery schedules were met.

The SMEs were also able to rely on Goken ‘s recruitment team to source additional engineers when the workload reached its peak. This flexibility ensured that Goken was able to successfully meet the OEM’s compressed delivery schedule.


The Powersports OEM was able to leverage Goken’s experience and product development expertise to develop and bring to market a Side-by-Side ATV with a compressed product development cycle. Besides, partnering with Goken gave the OEM access to our flexible pool of technical experts. This meant Goken was able to meet deadlines without straining project costs.