Goken supports OEM Staff Augmentation in their Purchasing department

Written By : Goken America
Goken  supports OEM Staff Augmentation in their Purchasing department


An OEM was experiencing over 90% turnover annually in their purchasing roles. This turnover resulted in large amounts of overtime for their existing team. Any new hire needed extensive training to be able to effectively support the purchasing department. This meant the existing team had to split their time between training the new hires while also getting their work done.


Goken approached the OEM with a solution that was beyond just providing them with recruitment support. Goken developed a solution that incorporated recruitment and training while leveraging an onsite delivery model. Firstly, the Goken team identified and documented the OEM’s purchasing division’s workflow, requisite skills, and behavioral requirements of the role. This information allowed Goken to develop the onboarding and pre-engagement training as well as the recruiting strategy for this engagement.

A Goken recruiter and project manager were dedicated to the OEM to support a 6 week Standard Labor Agreement (SLA). Goken delivered a total of 21 associates to the OEM at project kick-off and maintained the SLA. What started off as a 6-week engagement activity was extended to a year and we still manage the project today, recently celebrating our 4th Anniversary.


The OEM reduced contractor turnover and gained a pre-engagement onboarding and training program. The following benefits ensured that the project is ongoing with Goken:

  • Retention and Productivity – Turnover reduced by 85% reduction in year 1, current turnover rate is 8% (year 4). Increased retention meant a reduction in client training and overtime requirements
  • Training – Goken’s pre-engagement training allowed the OEM to reduce training time by about 67% (from 12 weeks to 4 weeks)
  • Process Oriented – Goken’s recruitment team uses a well-structured process while using innovative sourcing strategies to get the best candidate for the job.