How Goken leveraged its expertise in chassis and sub-system development

Written By : Goken America
How Goken leveraged its expertise in chassis and sub-system development

Case Study on Electric Vehicle Client in California

When Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are limited and deadlines are fast approaching, Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)’s reach out to their trusted network of consultants. Goken has been chosen for such projects in the past by many of our clients. One such project required us to develop the chassis system and sub-systems for an Electric Vehicle (EV) client in California. Development of the chassis system also included computational validation of components, development of a system Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)*, and a Design Verification Plan (DVP)**.

The project started with a discovery activity to understand the client’s existing design process, development flow, and requirements. Armed with this information, Goken laid out a plan that set out to translate the client’s overarching requirements into detailed technical specifications. These specifications would then be integrated into the DVP and FMEA.

*A Design Verification Plan (DVP) is a document to verify that the product meets its specifications
**Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a structured approach to discovering potential failures that may exist within the design of a product. Putting FMEA and DVP together helps clients ensure that design, validation, and test requirements are met completely

Goken’s challenge was to develop and deliver designs for the chassis systems while working within the overall product development schedule of the client. The expertise of the Goken team was instrumental in developing technical specifications from design requirements, breaking them down into measurable tasks and deliverables. Developed deliverables went through stringent quality checks. The Goken team developed system FMEA and DVP for the chassis system and managed updates through the vehicle development cycle while coordinating with client stakeholders. Goken’s experience was also critical in identifying key design changes that would improve performance and manufacturing feasibility.

While Goken was successful in meeting the development milestones of the current vehicle program, we also provided the requisite tools that would serve as a guide for future vehicle development programs. Thanks to Goken, the EV OEM has a framework to design, develop, and deliver complex chassis systems for its current and future vehicle programs.